Gotta get that conversation out early! ~posted by Åileen~

  • Gotta get that conversation out early! ~The Blue Lady~

Gotta get that conversation out early! ~posted by Åileen~


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42 Responses

  1. Thats my girl Aileen Carol Wournois

  2. Jack the ripper
    The axeman from New Orleans

  3. Mrs May. She,s starving them to death

  4. Andy Bracken says:

    Famous has to be Dahlmer! Body count probably Elizabeth Bathory! Method probably Vlad Dracul! Time frame BTK Denis Rader! Must be furious he never finished Alexander Pichuskin! Kept it hidden so well Ted Bundy and finally most different methods The Night Stalker Richard Ramirez! I know it was only meant to be one but that’s too hard lol

  5. Letitia McGuffin this is me

  6. Peter kurten, Dahmer and Chikatilo

  7. Bek Rumbel says:

    Good way to weed out the losers, I’d say my fav/s Bundy, Carl Panzram, Pickton and Kemper

  8. Linda Jones says:

    Ed Gein and Albert Fish

  9. Andy Carper says:

    Arthur Shawcross anyone? ?

  10. Celia Celice says:

    Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer. ?

  11. Kris, haha something you’d say!

  12. Michael Coen says:

    Gacy. Countess Erzbeth Bathory, killed over 600 servants.

  13. Just give me good ol’ Ted….lmfao

  14. Richard Ramirez ( night stalker ) 100%

  15. Ted Bundy. I’m sure that I probably would have gone on a date with him.

  16. Bei mir würde das klappen. ?

  17. Hahahah Lindsay Ann Kim Maas

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