Scary….very scary.

  • Scary....very scary.

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  1. Hannah Kim says:

    John Wayne was disgusting, Aileen was a saint, she’s nothing close to him.

  2. My stepdad lived a few doors down from Denis Nilssen at the time of his crimes. So, yeah, may be possible!

  3. Sam Difford says:

    Lol i might be 1 of them if my husband keeps running his mouth at me. I tell him carry on and you’re be my first victim haha ??

  4. If they walk past me they do it every day, and one day i will snap LOL!!!

  5. WoW you never know who you are speaking too in the grocery line

  6. Where did that statistic come from just curious

  7. Yeah that’s pretty fucking heavy right there.

  8. Erick L Derr says:

    I can’t find a link of any kind so I can read this post. Can you help me out? I would like to share your post, but I can’t figure out how to pull the information up.

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