Aileen Wuornos – I’ll be back

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9 Responses

  1. Wendy Nicole says:

    Who wouldn’t be crazy getting treated like shit all your life

  2. She was cuckoo as Shit but I think she had a crappy life anyway.

  3. Shelby Lamb says:

    Aileen also told my grandfather how she did the killings while he was escorting her to the courthouse in Miami. She didn’t want repetition, just to be executed

  4. George Speth says:

    Sad situation with her:(

  5. When a child is sexually, verbally, physically and emotionally abused, this is what they can become. Not excusing what she did, just stating the obvious.

  6. Shelby Lamb says:

    My grandfather was one of the sheriffs who escorted her to the courthouse in Miami and bought her her last meal….a hamburger and coke from McDonalds. The drive to Miami from Daytona is 4 hours away so she wanted something to eat

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