The Chilling, Tragic History of Tasmania’s Separate Prison

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APRIL 28-29, 1996: Martin John Bryant 28 years of age, killed 35 and injured 23 in the Port Arthur Massacre in Tasmania, Australia. The shootings occurred at the Port Arthur Historic Site– a museum to a former prison colony. Bryant was sentenced to 35 life sentences plus 1,035 years without parole.

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Port Arthur Historic Site–

Prison History–…/port-arthur-history-and-fac…/–…/port-arthur-massacre-in-australia

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The Chilling, Tragic History of Tasmania’s Separate Prison


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5 Responses

  1. Yes they were beautiful people and Walter was my pharmacist I swore the day I put flowers where those girls we murdered I would never go back there and I never have just so heartbreaking ?

  2. Unfortunately there’s also conspiracy theories on this guys innocence or guilt as with many mass killings. Biggest one is that he was a government pawn to strip our nations public of firearms. The guys guilty as sin.

  3. I was only six when it happened so I didn’t see any of the news but Australians still talk about it! It was the moment our gun laws changed thank god!

  4. That day would forever be etched in my mind, watching the news and hearing those rapid fire gun shots going off. That made Australia stand up and take notice. Those lives taken were not in vain, that day has forever changed the gun laws in Australia. As a convict nation we have decided that semi automatic weapons are not needed in modern day society. It makes me sick that some countries still go by the laws made in the 1700, wake up!! those laws are not valid in today’s society. May Martin Bryant rot in hell.

  5. A lot of innocent lives were lost that day , but the one that touches my heart was , the chemist , who lost his entire family. Bryant gunned down his young wife and his 2 little girls. He killed the mother first , the little girls tried to run away but that creep gunned them little darlings down in cold blood , his name was Walter . In an instant he lost them forever , I know there was a lot more lives Bryant took that day. But this cold and senseless killing of 2 little girls and their young mum is an image that will stay with me for ever ??????

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