Murder charge filed against nurse seen laughing on video as WWII vet dies gasping for breath | American Military News

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10 Responses

  1. Nick Jones says:

    Surprised the dems haven’t made this about race

  2. I hope this bitch is gasping for breath like this for a long long time before she finally gets to die. When I seen this I actually cried so hard it was like he was my own dad or grandpa. I wanted to help him so bad, this man fought for our country. I can promise you one thing if this was my dad and I seen this this stupid bitch wouldn’t have to worry about going to prison cause they would never find the stupid bitch

  3. How disgusting can some people be. Imagine the uproar it would be if the patient was black & the nurses were white. Those bitches should never be allowed to work in the healthcare industry.

  4. lock them up!!!!!!!!! horrible treatment!!!!

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