Cassandra Peterson, aka Elvira, just turned 67 years old on September 17th, and a horror icon she remains even today.

  • Cassandra-Peterson-aka-Elvira-just-turned-67-years-old-on-September-17th-and-a-horror-icon-she-remains-even-today.xxoh417d5653fa0ef81653e0d6747223a2aboe5C480D7A

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30 Responses

  1. Fountain of youth genes

  2. Happy belated Birthday Elvira! Keep going!

  3. Wow…. Aging gracefully for sure

  4. Long time my friend I remember when she came to Pocatello back in the day when I was only in the 6th grade she has always been a grate person

  5. No way!!!!??
    And still beautiful!!!!!

  6. Elvira happy late birthday wish you the best God bless also grew up watching you on TV beautiful….

  7. Joy Leipzig says:

    67?? Yeah ok. Doesn’t look a day over 35

  8. Liz Osfeld says:

    I hope I look this great at her age!!

  9. Very beautiful , very sexy!

  10. Emily Rachel O’Connor

  11. Absolutely beautiful. She was my first goth/metal girlfriend.

  12. And she’s still pretty hot now

  13. Happy Birthday. You are still awesome

  14. Rickie Meece says:

    All ways loved Elvira ?

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