Serial Killer Joe “The Cannibal” Metheny Served Human Burgers At His BBQ Stand

  • burger-1835602_1280.jpg

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19 Responses

  1. Mandy Peak says:

    ‘Secrets in the sauce’, Fried Green Tonatoes?

  2. Geoff Duke says:

    Don’t get high from your own supply.

  3. Rich Heywood says:

    It’s not so bad ? I’d happily try human flesh ?

  4. “Secret’s in the sauce.”

  5. Jessica Laufeyson gives a whole new meaning to manwich lmao

  6. Caleb Martin says:

    YUM!…..I mean how horrible…..ya

  7. Raver Paw says:

    But… were they good?

  8. Dude this photo made me hungry

  9. Looks like ground beef ?

  10. Greg Willis says:

    I just had a burger for dinner too

  11. Mandy La Rue says:

    This is why I have trust issues

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