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Between 2001 and 2004, eight male teens disappeared from different points near Sidi Bou Dheb graveyard in Taroudant, a small town 620 kilometers south of Rabat, Morroco.

In 2004, the owner of a shack behind the graveyard decided to pull down the structure and develop the land. Shortly after, the decomposed bodies of nine people were found nearby hidden in plastic bags. Among the other items found there was a note written in Arabic that translated to “Adidas 55 Hadi.” The first part led the police to a nearby inn in search of the man called Hadi.

The man was later identified as Abdelaali Hadi.

Born in 1962, Hadi had had a troubled childhood after his mother died. He ended up on the streets, and finally in Taroudant where he did odd jobs whilst living in a makeshift shelter. He would lure young teens into the shack behind the grave where he then attacked, gagged, and brutally raped his victims before killing them.

At his trial in 2004, Hadi openly told the court that he enjoyed suffocating his victims while sexually abusing them. This, he claimed, was because he had been gang raped by 14 men when he was a child.

He was sentenced to death in December of 2004.


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  1. Ryan Finley says:

    he was probably killed right away as well. the way it shou ld be done

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