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Philip Onyancha, from Kenya, was arrested in 2010, after a woman’s remains were recovered from the sewer of a house where he had worked as a guard. A second body, that of 32 year old Catherine Chelangat, was found on the rooftop of a building opposite the local Police Station.

During the interrogation, Onyancha claimed he had killed 17 people in different parts of Kenya. His motivation was cultist; while he was in high school in the early 1990s, his class teacher recruited him into a cult. The only way to be completely at peace, he was told, was to kill 100 people.

Philip Onyancha’s known victims were prostitutes and children. He claimed responsibility for four dead woman who had been strangled in cheap lodges in Thika. He lured his victims and then attacked and strangled them when they were alone in the room. The killer also claimed he had been involved in the murder of two kids in a forest.

Although he claimed his motives had been purely cultist, he also confessed to have been part of a gang of kidnappers. The kidnappers would abduct a child and demand ransom. They would then kill the child even if the ransom was paid.

The exact number of murders the serial killer committed is still unknown as he is yet to be convicted. Onyanchas case is still weaving through the Kenyan justice system.


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