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Well.. mine would be “Here be Dragons with chainsaws” ~


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36 Responses

  1. The Hungry Caterpillar and a Chainsaw
    The Nightmare in My Closet and a Chainsaw

  2. Cheryl Hall says:

    employee hand book with a chain saw

  3. Chris Cresta says:

    The Bible with a chainsaw

  4. um I have a nine year old daughter, so dont please dont judge me…..”Winnie the Pooh with a Chainsaw”…..

  5. He Came To Set The Captives Free with a chainsaw

  6. Lem Mikki says:

    I am not a serial killer with a chainsaw

  7. Karen Covey says:

    The Gunslinger with a chainsaw

  8. Kaz Webster says:

    The midnight meat train with a chain saw

  9. Kyle Mendes says:

    wiseguy life in a mafia family with a chainsaw

  10. Min superkraft with a chainsaw??

    well that works ?

  12. The Jungle with a chainsaw

  13. Ardennes, Hitler’s last gamble with a chainsaw

  14. Bullet Points with a Chainsaw.

  15. Virgie Mccoy says:

    Lip Service With a Chainsaw

  16. Nerd Do Well with a chainsaw

  17. Dead Reckoning with a Chainsaw

  18. Wadzy Bususu says:

    Clash of kings with a Chainsaw

  19. Kay Clark says:

    Blood on the Ohio: Frontier Tales of Terror with a Chainsaw

  20. The Art of War with a Chainsaw!

  21. Donna Brooks says:

    Ted Bundy: A Visual Timeline with a chainsaw!

  22. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas with a Chainsaw.

  23. Warriorcats with a chainsaw…daaaaammnnn

  24. Chainsaw People of the Raven

  25. Blackbeard the pirate with a chainsaw

  26. Audrey rose with a chainsaw

  27. Adam Mazur says:

    Song of Susannah with a chainsaw 🙂

  28. Pearl Reso says:

    The Campaigns Of Alexander With A Chainsaw

  29. Almost Human With a Chainsaw

  30. Liz Alice says:

    The heart collector with a chainsaw

  31. The Lucky Ones with a Chainsaw

  32. Missing 411 with a chainsaw

  33. Joel Newton says:

    Hannibal, with a chainsaw . Maybe it was prince lastat , with a chain saw

  34. Ready Player One with a chainsaw

  35. Andrea Gomez says:

    The Word for World is Forest With a Chainsaw

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