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In December 1920, the decomposing and dismembered remains of a woman were found lying on a street in Egypt. What seemed like a one-off crime became a serial one when a man digging to find a damaged water pipe discovered a number of female remains in what looked like a burial room.

Later investigations showed that sisters, Raya and Sakina had been renting the house at the time of the murders, and police attention soon turned to them. These two ruthless, murderous sisters hold the infamy of being the first women to be executed in modern-day Egypt.

They were the leaders of a killing party which include a husband and a boyfriend. The two enterprising sisters founded an extensive drug and prostitution ring that revolved around five homes in the Labban district of Alexandria. It is from here that they perfected a killing team that killed at least 17 women.

Sakina told the courtroom during the trial that lasted from May 10th to May 12th 1921 that she would lure the victims into the house and drug them. Working as a team, the group would then strangle the victim as she slipped into unconsciousness …one of the killers would clamp his hands over the victims mouth, another would grab hold of her throat, a third would hold her hands behind her back and the fourth would pin down her feet until she stopped breathing. Abdel-Aal, Sakinas boyfriend, was in charge of holding the feet.

The post-mortems showed that all the victims died of suffocation and not strangulation. In her chilling confession, Sakina kept saying the infamous line “Death passed that way“ after describing each death.


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  1. well actually, they used to kill the women for their gold jewelry, they mainly targeted prostitutes, due to the fact both of them, were prostitutes some time back

  2. Lesley Lisle says:

    To what end?
    Were the victims potential employees or did they have money or was it just for fun?
    Awesome read….

  3. Damn rare story ,very good to read.

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