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Bizarre to say the least….

It seems straightforward on the surface. Albert Dekker was a quintessential Hollywood character actor with over 100 roles to his name, including in Sam Peckinpah's classic western The Wild Bunch. Unfortunately for Dekker, he never got to see the movie. On May 5, 1968, the 62-year-old actor's fiancee found him dead in his bathroom, hanging by the neck from a leather belt, completely naked.
After paraphernalia was found which suggested that Dekker was really into bondage, the coroner concluded that he had suffocated himself during an ill-advised attempt at autoerotic asphyxiation. Open and shut, right?
And Then It Got Weird:
It's not unheard of for famous actors to die in wacky choke-wanking accidents, but Dekker was also blindfolded, gagged, and cuffed, with his wrists and ankles bound together. He was practically hogtied, which is a very difficult position to get into without help … or so we have heard. *cough* If that wasn't weird enough, Dekker also had a hypodermic needle in each of his arms, and words were written all over his body in lipstick, including "slave" and "cocksucker." Oh, and there was also a drawing of a vagina on his belly.
So did Dekker die by accident after inviting Zed from Pulp Fiction over to train him as the new Gimp? Could be, but after discovering the body, Dekker's fiancee realized that their $70,000 in cash and expensive camera equipment were gone, suggesting that someone might have staged the scene to cover up a murder robbery. But there's even a problem with that: The bathroom door was locked from the inside, which only Dekker himself could have done. It's your classic locked room with naked tied-up sadomasochistic strangled celebrity mystery.

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  1. I just saw this on another crime page word for word.

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