Begotten : An experimental horror silent film

  • 20134351_1736489153317618_7662186849649033216_n.jpg”Begotten” is a 1990 surreal horror experimental film shot entirely in black-and-white with no dialogue whatsoever ? Probably the creepiest film i saw ? I have a YouTube channel too:

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  1. Will Bowman says:

    Love horror movies w a plot. A story. Not just scenes to scare. This might be exciting if your new to horror or young and its ypur 1st movie. But Im old. Seen too many movies. Need a story for me.

  2. Will Bowman says:

    Seen it. Just random scenes in black and white. I know it was the vision of some guy and tue origins of humanity. Idk. Was boring after a while. No words. Just some black and white scenes. Looks scary cause its black and white and blurry. Me …got bored w it. But its prolly meant for people smarter than me and into the whole artsy fartsy stuff.

  3. I saw it but it confused me lol loved it though!

  4. Edgar Alejandro Gutiérrez Aguirre?? I accidentally seen this. If I am scared, you get scared too.?

  5. Scott Zucker says:

    Great flick. Gonna pay $$$$$ for the dvd

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