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Donald Evans was a drifting serial killer who, after his capture, admitted to hundreds of murders coast to coast, and it is still unknown how many were true.

Donald Evans displayed odd behavior as a young boy. He attempted suicide at the age of 16, which led to his first time being locked up, it would be the first of many. He was later kicked out of the Marine Corps for having a “paranoid personality.” In 1984, Evans was released from another stint in a psychiatric facility, even though a doctor said, “he shouldn’t be on the street” because “he would hurt somebody.”

In 1986, Evans was convicted of rape in Galveston, Texas, and sentenced to 15 years in prison. He was paroled after only five years, and returned to Galveston. He was not on the outside for very long, however.

On August 1st 1991, he snatched a 10 year
old homeless girl from a park in Gulfport, Mississippi. Evans raped and strangled the young girl, and dumped her body. Four days later, he was arrested in Colorado, and, apparently distraught over killing a child, admitted to the little girl’s murder and announced he wanted the death penalty.

After he confessed the 10 year old’s murder, Evans went on a confession spree. He told authorities that he had killed more than 70 people across 20 states while he had drifted aimlessly around the United States between 1977 and 1986. He added that he had abducted most of his victims from rest areas and parks.

Investigators were initially quick to dismiss Evans’ claims, as they did not want to get conned into a situation like the one that had occurred with Henry Lee Lucas in the mid-1980s. But they were still obliged to look into his story.

After a thorough investigation of Evans’ confessions, police were in fact able to tie him to the murders of Ira Jean Smith and Janet Movich, due to his in depth knowledge of details from the two crime scenes. Both women were killed in Florida in 1985, so the investigations into their murders had long gone cold.

In 1993 Evans was sentenced to death in Mississippi for the killing of the 10 year old girl, and in 1995 he received an additional life sentence for the Florida murder of Ira Jean Smith.

On January 5, 1999, while on death row in Mississippi, 41 year old Donald Evans was stabbed to death by a fellow inmate while in the shower.


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