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25 Responses

  1. On the rare occasion in my life I’ve eaten a candy cane. This is how it turns out lol

  2. May all your stabs be minty fresh

  3. Caitlin Weatherall Roberta Ashdown Emily Kirsten

  4. Sami Henshaw says:

    Lorna Jones there’s an idea ??

  5. Steve Rigby says:

    And no murder weapon you can eat it after ?

  6. I just messaged you haha timing ! And yessssss they look waaaaaay better

  7. Karina Best says:

    Omigod Anna Elizabeth and Seena Read – now I look at them as festive weapons!! ????

  8. Ashley West says:

    Kelly Brian Hall your son did this at my holiday work party after meeting Santa and telling Mrs. Claus about how much his daddy loves Jason the murderer and he also loves Jason the murderer just like his daddy but he has the soft baby Jason because it’s a little safer for him since he’s just six ?????

  9. Rachel Lockerby one for your tree lol

  10. I think I shouldn’t have laughed! ?

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