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Posted by Murderworks: Horror and All Things Creepy on Saturday, November 3, 2018

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41 Responses

  1. Francesca Rivera Jose Pineda

  2. Amy Anne says:

    John Michael Maloney

  3. Anissa Garretson this reminded me of you lolol

  4. Jess Taylor says:

    Tasha Renee Nichols we literally were just talking about this today

  5. Bradley James snowman goals

  6. Kristen Nagy says:

    Hailey Azaria Gina Hrab

  7. Ciera Knight for your yard on halloween next year. Since it was a complete fluke there was no snow this year.

  8. Amanda Kephart if we find snow this is a must!

  9. Alexis Rubio us meeting in an alternate universe

  10. Dezare Heidt says:

    Austyn Poirier I’m doing this with our kids

  11. Ali Noll says:

    Brianne Giacchi this is why we don’t skip over Thanksgiving, it’s a pivotal transition point

  12. Ale Soliz I could see you doing this

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