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“They’re trying to kill me!” is what Shannan Gilbert told a 911 operator the night of May 1st 2010.

Gilbert was a prostitute who used Craigslist to find clients, after he terrified call Police searched for her but found nothing until December 2010. An officer with his K9 partner was on Gilgo Beach, Long Island, when the officer discovered the remains of a woman wrapped in a burlap bag. They assumed Gilbert had finally been located…. except it was not her.

It was the remains of another prostitute who had used Craigslist to set up dates. Over the course of a few days, three more bodies of prostitutes were found at Gilgo Beach. All were wrapped in burlap. All had used Craigslist. But none of them was Gilbert. She was not found until December 2011.

In that intervening year, six more bodies were found, including a skull that matched severed legs that had washed up on Fire Island, New York, 15 years earlier. The remains of a mother and a child, dumped in separate locations, were discovered. A male dressed in women’s clothing was found, too. Since then, more bodies, some dismembered, have been found in and around Gilgo Beach. No arrests have been made. The Craigslist Ripper is still out there.


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  1. They have a suspect who was just sentenced to prison for the murders of 3-4 of these women…don’t remember his name but his dna was linked to 3, and his incarceration began last October I think.

  2. Wait, this isn’t the same as the Craigslist killer….the guy . Mayb I’m confused.

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