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On August 26th 2016, Chinese authorities arrested 52 year old Gao Chengyong, an unassuming grocer, and charged him with the murders of 11 women and girls. They had been searching for him for decades.

Between 1988 and 2002, Gao had stalked single women dressed in red. He raped, murdered, and mutilated his victims, cutting off the breasts or genitals of several of them. One of his victims was an eight year old little girl.

No one knows why the killing stopped in 2002. The case had been cold for years until the police caught a break. Gao’s uncle had been arrested, and a DNA sample had been taken. His DNA showed that he was related to the killer, whose DNA that had been collected over the years. This led police to Gao, who confessed to the murders.

No reason for his heinous crimes has been given.


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  1. how the hell could this guy not be found for decades lol wtf

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