A Man Murdered His Wife On A Cruise Ship Because She Wouldn’t Stop Laughing

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6 Responses

  1. Hes a mess!! She was so pretty. He was lucky to get a girl like her in the first place. Sickened hope he gets beat up in prison.

  2. She was too hot for that POS

  3. Jamie Rollan says:

    Was she laughing cuz he had a tiny Weiner? If so, justifiable homicide…

  4. Tylar Carter AhahahahHa feel like this would be you because I’m
    Annoying ahahaha

  5. Ika Ayson Erin Angela Chloe Leonardo tawa pa HAHAHAHHAHA

  6. why the fuck was the guy with her to begin this dude so fucking stupid because cuz you didn’t realize that the girl was going to laugh a lot when you got with her he deserves a Darwin award for death penalty

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