Netflix Issues Warning Not To Watch Ted Bundy Docu-Series Alone

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35 Responses

  1. Get dafuque outta here. Watched it. Nothing special

  2. Natas Selur says:

    Angel Catsby Mitchell Catsby

  3. I read books about serial killers as bedtime stories. I doubt I’ll need someone to watch it with me. I’d rather watch alone. Then no one asks questions or talks. Yes I have issues. ?

  4. Its safe enough to watch on ur own…??

  5. Lol so thats bullshit. I watched it alone and im fine. I dont see how a 4 eps series about one of the most infamous serial killers in history could be scary everyone in my generation and the generation b4 me knows the story.

  6. I am watching it right now.

  7. Dawn Randle says:

    I binged this in one day alone in between reading a stranger besides me great book everyone

  8. Vanessa De Luna have you watched this yet?

  9. Kenny Bolin says:

    Find someone to watch it with? Who writes these articles? It sounds to me as if the author is either an 8 year old child or an agoraphobic who is terrified of their own shadow. Grow a back bone. What on earth is there to be afraid of? The guy has been dead 30 years.

  10. James Cooper
    Can we watch this on Sunday please?!!

  11. Hannah Brown says:

    Timothy P Brown gotta watch it!

  12. Tatay Genesis Patrick Liporada

  13. James Weyer looks like we’ve got a show to watch, brother

  14. Really? Netflix also said that The Haunting of Hill House was so scary that people were passing out and throwing up. It was not that scary. I think I can handle a serial killer confessions.

  15. Pam Long this makes me wanna watch it so bad

  16. Elke Nicolai says:

    It’s not scary at all lol.

  17. They are not having a conversation with Ted bundy at all, his long gone. they are infact talking to a demon or demons who have possessed him.

  18. For uss horror fans where not pussys

  19. All hype… I watched it all yesterday, informative, but, far from scary…

  20. Joanna West says:

    I’m going to tonight, will let you know xx

  21. Not yet lol lol but wanna xxxx

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