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Well, she has her priorities in line.

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12 Responses

  1. Kaley Combs says:

    Ya’ll wanna ride anyone with a victim count higher than 3 jfc ?

  2. Erin Gilgo are they making a bundy movie? Oh snap

  3. Meg Pepitone says:

    Lmao not confusing for me. I know I’m fucked in the head with the men I find attractive.

  4. Melissa Raya says:

    Ewww!!!! Cant believe she’s attracted to the it clown!! He ain’t the joker you sicko!! :p

  5. Wasn’t one of Bundy’s biggest allies in the retrieval of victims that they wanted to fuck him?

  6. Kev Short says:

    I don’t wanna fuck you babe, I wanna fuck you up.

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